Friday, 14 August 2015

Improve Your Game With Short Game Tips

Short Game Hints

The play from within 100 feet of the pin, or your short game, can make or break your golf match. How annoying would be to make a brilliant shot off the tee, to play with a mid field that was fairly decent shot that lands several feet of the green, only to screw up in the short approach shot or putt! Die and you only need to lay there. Well, don't take it too difficult. Simply make yourself a promise to improve your short iron play. Your scoring will get incredibly better.

Short Shots Make 80% of Match

Therefore it will be overriding to work on this particular aspect to be able to find progress overall putters and short irons makes up about 80% of your whole golf match. Using your short irons, wedges and putters doesn't need any particular ability or large muscles. It is part of the match that anybody can master, but just with exercise. And, the more you practice the better you'll get. 


When setting, don't believe- do. Believing too much about the way in which the putt should go down, guarantees that it WOn't go down. This is actually when you must make use of the force. Relax into the shot. It has been practiced by you, it is pictured by now and when you see it hit at the ball the way you did in practice.